A look at how work is progressing at “La Factory” offices in Cesson Sévigné (Ille-et-Vilaine)

13 November 2017

THEBAULT INGÉNIERIE, the designer and builder of turnkey projects for the food processing sector is building office units in Cesson Sévigné (Ille-et-Vilaine). Watch this video to see how work is progressing at this 4185m² site after five months of work.

Developed by FAUBOURG PROMOTION, the IDEC GROUP’s commercial property developer, LA FACTORY is a set of office blocks bringing together tradition and modernity. This style has been based around plans inspired by a former biscuit factory, which links it to the business carried out by THEBAULT INGÉNIERIE’s clients, who will be taking over one of the two buildings in the summer of 2018. The use of noble materials such as brick, zinc roofing and aluminium joinery also features heavily in this project, which is ideally located close to the Rennes ring-road and the green fields around the Château de la Monnières.

Designed and built by THEBAULT INGÉNIERIE

After designing the project from scratch, the teams at THEBAULT INGÉNIERIE are busy working on this project. Construction began five months ago with the bulldozing of the site which required 20,000 m3 to be shifted. This was followed by setting up the shuttering, concrete walls, piles and beams and the concrete floor. The teams in charge of the work are now busy tackling the roofing, in order to respect the schedule for the construction of these office blocks.

To be delivered in the summer of 2018

From the summer of 2018, LA FACTORY will be home to the new headquarters for THEBAULT INGÉNIERIE, which will be based in one of the two 2390 m² units. The second 2100 m² building is now available for sale or rent.

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