5 February 2018

THEBAULT INGENIERIE is working alongside MITI on the design and construction of their new factory in Rezé (Loire Atlantique). Seven months after work first started, you can see how everything is going on this 4000 m² project being built near the future National Wholesale Market (MIN) in Nantes.

A new food processing factory

MITI, which specialises in processing seafood and in particular shrimps, mussels and squid, entrusted THEBAULT INGENIERIE with the design and construction of their new production unit in Rezé. These new facilities are designed to suit the growth in the firm’s business, enabling them to achieve a gain in productivity, while rationalising flows.

Close to the future MIN in Nantes

Currently based in the heart of the National Wholesale Market in Nantes, MITI will be following the major economic hub when it moves. The new production site that is being built is being erected at the same time as the future Nantes Wholesale Market, which is due to open its doors to food sector businesses next year in Rezé. This will mean that the close relationship between MITI and France’s second largest wholesale market after Rungis will continue, particularly with the supply of fresh products.

Shell and core to be completed after seven months of work

Seven months after work started on this 4000 m² project, progress is as scheduled in the plans. After looking after the bulldozing of the plot, setting up the various networks, the main structure and installing metal beams, the teams at THEBAULT INGENIERIE are now monitoring the completion of the core and shell with cladding and joinery. The second stage of this construction project will begin next month with work starting on the internal fittings. A lot of attention needs to be paid to the choice of all the different equipment, coverings and air treatment syhttps://youtu.be/Ub-Xy9JbxvYstems, which are all affected to the MITI industrial process, which requires seafood to be cooked in salt water.

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