29 June 2018

THEBAULT INGENIERIE, which specialises in the design and construction of turnkey projects involving food processing factories, has been chosen by the Sill Group to design and build its new baby milk powder factory in Landivisiau (Finistère). Work is due to begin on this highly technical 19,300 m² project on 2nd July with the handover scheduled for the final quarter of 2020. 


A strategic project

The SILL Group, a family-run Breton business brings together various small and medium-sized food processing companies and has a staff totalling almost 1400 with its eight production sites, including six in Brittany. Among its various types of production (fruit juices, soups, ready meals), the firm has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer in the production of milk products and baby milk powder. In order to maintain its position in the market and develop its business with new horizons, particularly abroad, this food specialist wanted to set up a new baby milk powder production unit alongside its existing site, which has been up and running for more than forty years.

Total commitment from the teams at THEBAULT INGENIERIE

From the start of the project in 2014, the SILL Group has relied on THEBAULT INGENIERIE to develop this project. The two partners worked with each other for almost four years on the design and conception of this project on three successive sites following several planning permission objections. Initially planned to be built in Plouvien and Guipavas, the town of Landivisiau in Finistère was finally chosen for the construction of this new factory. The total commitment shown by the teams at THEBAULT INGENIERIE, the determination, response and the ability of the teams to adapt alongside the SILL Group were decisive elements in finally seeing this building erected.

Support through the design and construction phases

Thanks to its know-how in the construction of large scale food processing factories and in particular the production of baby milk powder production units, THEBAULT INGENIERIE has made the most of its experience to come up with a project satisfying the requirements of the SILL Group. The design unit used BIM to design the factory, incorporating all the movements and various hygiene areas. This approach to the work also made it easier to develop the building while taking into account all the manufacturing process. This detailed design work established the foundations for the work carried out by the THEBAULT INGENIERIE team, which is now in charge of erecting this strategic industrial project.

19,300 m² dedicated to the production of baby milk powder

This new production unit in Landivisiau with its large drying tower will enable the SILL Group to increase its production capacity by almost 50% in comparison to its current site. The link between the two sites will be at the heart of the production process with the reception of milk and the creaming and pasteurisation processes carried out before being delivered to the new facilities. The powdered milk will be stored in buffer tanks before being processed with several ingredients added, including vitamins in particular. The mixture will then be concentrated in an evaporating unit, then transferred to the 5240 m² drying tower with its six levels, where it is transformed into baby milk powder. After temporarily being stored in a big bag to carry out the various health inspections, the baby milk powder will be packaged in 25 kg bags or 900 g cans before being sent to the port of Brest to be dispatched to its final destination.

A highly technical clean building 

In order to suit the requirements for producing baby milk powder, the SILL Group’s new production unit will be organised around the manufacturing process and various clean areas. The latter will have varying degrees of cleanliness in order to ensure the safety of the production and packaging of the milk powder in a particularly high standard of hygiene. To achieve this goal, THEBAULT INGENIERIE used its know-how acquired in previous projects in areas that are close to those encountered in the pharmaceutical sector and are governed by GMP norms.

27 months of work

Work on the construction of this project will begin on 2nd July. The THEBAULT INGENIERIE teams in charge of erecting this food processing factory will start work this summer on preparing the 7-hectare plot. Work will then focus on the construction of the platform and the foundations will then be poured in. It is going to be a busy time over the 27 months scheduled for this 19,300 m² project, in order to respect the deadlines agreed upon. The handover of this project is scheduled to allow production to begin at the end of 2020. Before that, some parts will be made available early to allow the installation of the various manufacturing equipment and the first trials to be carried out. Ultimately, this site will allow the production of 20,000 tonnes of baby milk powder each year.

Another major food processing project for THEBAULT INGENIERIE

The trust shown by the SILL Group concerning the construction of this gigantic project, confirms once again the position of THEBAULT INGENIERIE as a leading player in the design and construction of food processing factories, as its Managing Director, Sébastien CONAN explains. “This latest project reflects the know-how of our teams in working alongside our clients on large scale projects. After building several major projects for the big names in the sector, the contract with the SILL Group for the design and construction of their new baby milk powder manufacturing unit is another step forward in the development of THEBAULT INGENIERIE. This is another fantastic showcase illustrating how we can work with our clients on highly technical projects in France and abroad.”

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