16 November 2018

THEBAULT INGENIERIE, which specialises in the design and construction of turnkey projects involving food factories, will be working with LUCULLUS on the construction of their new production unit in Prouvy (Nord). This 2850 m² project destined to be used for the manufacture of processed pork and preserves will take twelve months to build and is due to be handed over in late January 2020. 


LUCULLUS, specialist in processed pork and preserves

LUCULLUS is a firm specialising in preparing traditional pork products and in the manufacture of preserves and high quality jams. The company is particularly well known for its brand bringing together foie gras and smoked ox tongue, a dish that is popular in the far North of France during the festive season. Taken over in 2009, the firm has been experiencing rapid growth since then as its CEO, Augustin MOTTE explains. “Since the firm was taken over, we have doubled in size. We now have 18 staff and had a turnover of 4.5 million euros in 2017.”

New production unit to cope with this development

In order to cope with this development, LUCULLUS entrusted the teams at THEBAULT INGENIERIE with the task of designing a new production unit. “This operation is aimed at dealing with our growth. We wish to move from being a regional business to selling products across the country,” added Augustin MOTTE. “The investment in these new production facilities will enable us to adapt more to the flow of goods and materials and make our logistics easier, as before we had two addresses.”

Total support throughout from THEBAULT INGENIERIE

THEBAULT INGENIERIE worked alongside its client from the start of the project. Its in-house design team began this joint effort by drawing up a masterplan, establishing the main elements in the project based on LUCULLUS’s needs. “THEBAULT INGENIERIE stood out by fully understanding what we were looking for, in particular getting to grips with the industrial process and the work done by our meat processors and jam-makers. That led to them coming up with a proposal that made a lot of sense with two factories under one roof, implying  a lot of hard work on the flows (staff, products: raw materials, finished products, waste, …),” added Augustin MOTTE.

2850 m² of premises

This 2850 m² building is based around five areas. An office block and staff rooms will become the new headquarters for the company. A workshop will be dedicated to making the various preserves with the help of an inline process. A second production area will be dedicated to home-made pork products. There is also a multi-temperature store room for raw materials, packaging and finished products, as well as an energy unit and a factory shop. “This building stands out with its sustainable qualities, as a lot of work was done on energy saving. For example, the project includes a system to recover calories for the refrigeration generator to supply the factory with hot water. A waste water treatment plant will aslo be set up inside the site,” said the Managing Director of LUCULLUS.

To be handed over in January 2020

The work managed by the teams from THEBAULT INGENIERIE will begin early in the New Year, once all the administrative paperwork and all the health and safety documents have been fully approved. The construction will continue until the end of January 2020. Before that, THEBAULT INGENIERIE will make part of the building available from December 2019, and a second one in early January 2020.

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