Our work

IDEC AGRO & Factory is a designer and builder of turnkey projects developing production units, warehouses and offices for the food production sector.

A team of experts

With in-house teams with a wide range of skills (architectural, technical, legal and financial), IDEC AGRO & Factory is able to work alongside its clients in every phase of their project.

The solidity of a large group

IDEC AGRO & Factory was founded in 1982 and acquired by the IDEC GROUP in 2006. They are able to make the most of all the other resources within the group (investing, developing, designing and building) and take advantage of its financial solidity.

Our expertise in design, our proximity to customers allow us to link strong partnership relationships. It’s an unequaled strength the complexity of our projects. This strength allows us to perform on quality at all levels.

Sébastien Conan

General Director of IDEC AGRO & Factory

2. Key figures

3. A subsidiary of the IDEC
Group, working on all sorts of property

Founded in 2000 by Patrice Lafargue, the IDEC Group today employs 400 people with an annual turnover of between 250 and 350 million euros. Working on fitting out and developing buildings, investing, designing and building turnkey projects, the IDEC Group is an all-round property expert, while remaining a human size company. Bringing together the power of a group and the flexibility of many smaller businesses, the IDEC Group offers an all-round tailor-made solution for firms, private individuals and local bodies, in the areas of business, commercial and residential property.

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4. Three arms offering
all-round complementary expertise:

The development arm

The development arm (Faubourg Promotion, Faubourg du Commerce, Faubourg Immobilier) brings together the development units, which design, build and sell all sorts of business, commercial and residential property.

The engineering arm

The engineering arm (IDEC, IDEC Santé, IDEC AGRO & Factory, Sequabat) brings together the architects and builders, who design and construct all sorts of turnkey building projects.

The investment arm

The investment arm (Groupe Idec Invest) is the investment unit within the Group, which finances and develops projects on behalf of its clients and ensures their rental management and maintenance.