SYNUTRA entrusted THEBAULT INGENIERIE with the design and construction of a powdered baby milk factory for the Asian and Middle Eastern markets: processing fresh whole milk to packing. The project involved the design and construction of several types of building. One dedicated to the preparation of the milk, which involves creaming and heat treatment; a large drying tower is then used to transform the liquid milk into a powder. There is a packing building, where the milk powder is enrichened with protein additives before being put into boxes for the consumers. Finally, there is a quarantine building, for storing and dispatching the product.


Eléments clés du projet

Surface en m2

39 500


14 hectares de terrain

The challenge in the project

In order to deal with a large deficit in milk production in China, the Synutra Group, the third biggest in China in baby milk production, decided to look towards Europe. Its production targets meant a good supply basin was necessary to supply the million and a half litres of milk required each day for production at the factory or in other words 288 million litres a year. The Chinese found this supply area in Brittany around Carhaix-Plouguer. But then they needed an engineering company to deal with everything and that was able to build the largest baby milk factory in the world with the creation of almost 270 jobs.

Our response

The teams at Thebault Ingénierie designed a factory that is unprecedented in France from A to Z. thanks to their know-how, they found bold, innovative solutions. As Chinese norms are stricter then European norms in terms of quality control, the standard of the building work needed to be very high. Thebault Ingénierie also came up with efficient solutions in terms of energy efficiency and respecting environmental rules. The interior benefitted from the installation of the most sophisticated technologies. Thanks to its grasp of problems found in the food industry and the good relationship with all of those involved in the official paperwork, the company was able to bring together and coordinate all those involved in the project.

It should be added that the collaboration was extended, as Synutra modified its requirements with the addition of headquarters and a laboratory on the same site. This second phase was entrusted to Pharmadec, another subsidiary of the IDEC Group. So, it was a real team effort by the Group on what was an unprecedented project in France.

Technical features

  • Type of building

    Agri-food factory
  • City

    Carhaix-Plouguer (29)
  • State of the project

  • Delivery date

  • Type of market

    Design - Construction
  • Construction time

  • Built surface


Photo Pro 201401 Premiere Pelle Synutra Carhaix 25

Photo Pro 201503 Gigot Bitume Synutra Carhaix 70

Photo Pro 201503 Gigot Bitume Synutra Carhaix 14

Photo Pro 201503 Gigot Bitume Synutra Carhaix 88

Photo Pro 201505 Construction Synutra Carhaix 120

Photo Pro 201507 Construction Synutra Carhaix 03

Photo Pro 201511 Construction Synutra Carhaix 30

Photo Pro 201606 Construction Synutra Carhaix 011

Photo Pro 201606 Construction Synutra Carhaix 104

Photo entrée Synutra juin 2016

Photo Pro 201511 Construction Synutra Carhaix 98

Photo Pro 201606 Construction Synutra Carhaix 019

Photo Aero Plass 201606 Synutra Carhaix 13

Photo Aero Plass 201606 Synutra Carhaix 09

Photo Aero Plass 201606 Synutra Carhaix 12


Boite de lait infantile Synutra jaune

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